Urban design Promenade Jarry


The Comité des Commerçants et Riverains de la rue Jarry Est entrusted Le Comité with the task to create a permanent signage trail formalizing the birth of the new association.

The proposal for the Promenade Jarry consists of a range of 15 colorful, dynamic elements inspired by the graphic identity of the association.

These fragments of letters composing the word "Jarry" punctuate the walk and are located in strategic places like the entrances of the street, the metro station or busy intersections. Large in size and made of aluminum, steel and wood, they become landmarks and attract the eye of the passer-by. Each element includes the identity of the walk and becomes both carrier of information for shop owners (plan, future activities ...) and historical content supporter (application of permanent vinyls including quotes, texts and photos).


Promenade Jarry


Jackworld, NTIMM , district of Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension


Design, R&D, artistic direction, project management, graphic design, logistics and realisation