Le Comité


Le Comité is a cooperative based in Montreal and founded in 2016 by Emilie Gagnon, Maxim Bonin and Pierre Moro-Lin.


Our mission

Le Comité addresses each project as a vehicle for change and innovation. We emphasize the sharing of expertise in a collaborative approach where design becomes a tool for development and intervention.

The cooperative's mission is to systematically question the social impact of what it undertakes.


The team

Emilie Gagnon

Industrial and event designer

Founding member - Logistics and design manager

Emilie has traced her professional career in the various fields of industrial design and event planning. Having strong expertise as a project manager, she has a keen sense of organization and logistics. Rigorous, Emilie never loses sight of the importance of the relational dimension in management. In recent years, she has developed an expertise of public space and its transformations through place making and event design.


Maxim Bonin

Event designer and researcher

Founding member - Development and communication manager

Maxim Bonin has more than 10 years of experience in the field of communication and cultural development. PhD student in communication at the Université du Québec à Montréal, he is currently developing research expertise in the areas of emerging cultural scenes, as well as the relationship between events and cities. Maxim is also a lecturer at the UQAM School of Design.


Alizée Fontanez

Environmental designer

Assistant to the artistic director

With a degree in environmental design at the Université du Québec à Montréal, Alizée Fontanez works in the design sector, from the scale of the object to that of the city. Her practice revolves mainly around urban design and event design. Alizée stands out for her broad vision and attention to detail.

Pierre Moro-Lin

Urban and event designer

Founding member - Development and design manager

Pierre Moro-Lin has been developing his design practice for more than 9 years, focusing on urban and event design. He has applied these specialties in many projects and companies thoughout France and Quebec. Between multimedia installations, urban studies, furniture design and public place development, Pierre Moro-Lin focuses his vision of design around social issues.


Sofia Benkirane

Urban planning professional

Project manager in development

Sofia Benkirane focuses her practice in urban planning, design, writing and communications. Trained in urban planning at the University of Montreal with a profile oriented towards urban and graphic design, her overall artistic vision and ease with communication contribute to her added value in a team. Sensitive to social issues, Sofia is particularly involved in the planning and design of inclusive cities.


Our collaborators


Le Comité, it’s also talented collaborators like Jackworld, Réseau Coop, Audiotopie, l'UQAM, Constructlab, Les Marsiens, Marseille Design Méditerranée


The advisory committee

The cooperative is supported and advised by an advisory committee composed of influential members of the creative, entrepreneurial, institutional and cultural spheres.

Nathalie Benoit_photo.jpeg

Nathalie Benoit/
Director of promotion at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)

"I was Immediately conquered with the project "Chats de ruelle" which evokes absolutely everything that I appreciate! More seriously, since its establishment, the cooperative Le Comité takes on original projects that are anchored in the values of community. Reconciling entrepreneurial, social and creative spirits is an inspiring challenge for all those who wish to contribute to the collective wealth of our cities. To my measure, I hope to provide a complementary contribution to the development and vision proposed by Le Comité. "

Photo carte Desjardins.jpeg

Charles-Ugo Boucher/

Entrepreneur and co-owner of Cafés Larue & Fils.

"Former full-time financial advisor, I am the co-owner of an independent multi-branch company in the Villeray district since 2009 (Cafés Larue & Fils). These professional experiences led me to adopt a prudent management of business (in a real fatherly way) as well as joining my community as a citizen and local shopkepper. In addition to being a member of the supervisory board of the Caisses Desjardins in my community, I also co-founded the Association des commerçants et travailleurs autonomes de Villeray (ACTAV) and the Comité des commerçants et riverains de la rue Jarry Est (Promenade Jarry). "


"It is an honor to be part of the advisory committee of a young company that has decided to lead by example by being a cooperative and by making innovation and collaboration its spearheads. Design is an important change engine and Le Comité’s projects are proof of that. "

2 - copie.png

Pascal Beauchesne/

Associé - R&D Director

Arche Innovation

 "Le Comité acts as a real catalyst for social engagement through its urban design interventions, fostering public agoras for citizen participation - a pillar of social change."