Imaginarium - Poesis 3 is an installation / performance of relational art



Imaginarium is an original creation of Un et un font mille and is in the form of a performance of relational art by François Grisé. The project took place between August 7th and 11th 2018 on the Promenade des artistes in the Quartier des spectacles. For 45 hours, 9 hours a day in 5 days, François Grisé takes place on a 4-place swing in the heart of the Imaginarium, the installation designed in collaboration with Aedifica architecture and Le Comité. It invites the public to sit with him and answer the Imaginarium questionnaire. The participants will then be part of his vast performance survey. Exploring the themes of presence, incarnation, genealogy and memory, the questionnaire poses a simple and astonished look at our existence. Not only will the public be able to answer the survey, but they will also be able to hear and see a collection of the answers already obtained - by graphic and sound editing integrated into the installation. From August 7th to 11th, a team of mediators will also be present to guide the public along the Imaginarium course.


Un et un font mille


Aedifica - Piknic electronik - BMR - Eltoro Studio


Design, project management, logistics et realisation