Dupuis-Hickson place


An installation that invites visitors to take place in the Duquette Park between the residential and industrial sectors, in order to establish a pleasant cohabitation and a local mobilization.

Le Comité is proposing, with the Concertation en développement social de Verdun, some urban furniture and a participatory greening project, as part of the Dupuis-Hickson-Lesage-Bannantyne industrial quadrangle development project. This urban design makes it possible to establish a link between the industrial sector and the intention of revitalizing the social development plan of Verdun 2016-2020.

This initiative allows citizens to express themselves on planning issues while investing in the greening of the neighborhood. Each citizen will also have the opportunity to plant a seeded tag displaying their wishes and ideas for the development of the Dupuis-Hickson sector.

The objective is to invite citizens to take ownership of this furniture and to serve as a window on the park's development project.


Concertation en développement social de Verdun


Arrondissement de Verdun, MU, Maison de environnement de Verdun


Design, graphic design, project management, logistics and realisation