Dorchester bridge’s public space


The urban design on the D'Art'chester bridge (Dorchester bridge) is designed to animate and inhabit the space over the Saint-Charles River with facilities, furniture and landscape work. By its artistic vocation, the City of Quebec wanted to highlight this contemplative place and offer pedestrians and cyclists a friendly stop zone. The new layout includes freestanding shading structures and custom-made furniture that encourages relaxation and user comfort.

The revitalisation of this public space in part of the project of development of transitional spaces for the City of Quebec by positioning itself as a renewal and, where appropriate, a bonus of the experience of these places, with a focus on the close relationship of these with water. The concept therefore proposes a sensitive and colorful development program, materialized through a wide range of exterior equipment, custom-designed and graphically inspired by the river development program put in place by the City of Quebec. The objective is to reinforce the dialogue between the users and the natural heritage that the rivers are thanks to these original and attractive public spaces.


Ville de Québec


Jack World, MC Grou


Design, artistic direction, project management