Design of the Cap-Rouge’s nautical park and the Jacques-Cartier Beach road


This public space begins at Saint-Félix Street and extends for approximately 500 meters to the Jacques-Cartier Beach Park Trail, including the Cap-Rouge nautical park site and the Jacques Cartier Beach Road. The purpose of this space is to provide users and residents of the area with a fun and pedestrian-friendly walking experience. Inspired by a seaside promenade theme, the urban design aims to offer different points of view on the river. Several elements make this space an attractive place, such as signage, the rest area with hammocks or the idea boards.

The creation of this new public space is part of the Transitional Spaces Project for the City of Quebec, positioning itself as a renewal and, where appropriate, enhancing the experience of these places by putting focus on their close relationship with water. The concept therefore proposes a sensitive and colorful development program, materialized through a wide range of exterior equipment, custom-designed and graphically inspired by the river development program put in place by the City of Quebec. The objective is to reinforce the dialogue between the users and the natural heritage that the rivers are, thanks to these original and attractive public spaces.


Ville de Québec




Design, artistic direction, project management