Boto installation

Montreal’s heritage operation


Boto is an all-public installation that is part of the programming of the Montreal Heritage Operation organized by the Coopérative Passerelles. This is formally inspired by the Japanese art of folding Origami paper and presents an original historical content dealing with the port evolution of Montreal's eastern sector, its past and its future.

Images of aerial archives and descriptions of the main stages of development of the seaport will cover the interior of the installation, and passersby will be invited to discover or rediscover this urban identity of Montreal. They will also be able to interact with an on-site historian who will suggest them to draw, write and imagine their future vision of the harbor and possible improvements or re-appropriations of the water-side in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve sector.




Projet Ludik!, Boris Van Landschoot


Design, artistic direction, project management, graphic design, logistics and realisation